Monday, November 30, 2009

Dollar Tree Anyone?!

So, my boyfriend and I made a trip to the Dollar Tree and, of course, I stopped by the craft aisle!

I picked up this cute little wooden "LOVE" stand and some craft acrylics.

I don't have a picture of the "LOVE" without paint on it, but this is it after I covered it in red paint:

This is actually the back of the stand

And this is the front

That day I also made a trip to Victoria's Secret and since it's the holidays they have their normal pink tissue paper in the bad as well as one with stripes, this time it's pink and gold. My original plan for the stand was to paint "LOVE" in white and the base, along with the edges, in red.

But the paints I got were really crappy and the white didn't work, so I just painted it red. I decided to "Modge Podge" the tissue paper onto it. The only problem was I didn't have any Modge Podge so I took Elmer's and mixd it with water just to get the tissue paper to stay on there.

This is it with the "V" basically dry and the "L" is drying. Nothing else has tissue paper on it yet.

I also decided to have the "O" be the "odd man out" so I used the pink and gold striped tissue paper for that.

To finish it off, once I got all the tissue paper on, I just painted pure glue over it. Oh, and I applied the glue and the glue-water mixture with those stupid little brushes that come with those types of paint sets.

And it's DONE!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Gifts for Suitemates

I forgot to take pictures of the in-progress, but they're really easy to make!

First I got some holiday themed Hershey's Kisses :)

Then I calculate how many I'll actually need to make- 13.
9 for my suitemates, one for my boyfriend, and three more for some other friends I have at school.
Then I just made 13 piles of Hershey's Kisses, everyone got one green, on silver, and one red.

Now on to the actual wrapping!

I told a couple suitmates to save the toilet paper rolls for me to make these. Basically get as many toilet paper rolls as the number of gifts you want to make. Again, for me it was 13. Most people do this with tissue paper or something, but I like to keep gifts uniform with the wrapping, so I used this really pretty wrapping paper I've been using for gifts!

Then I took my toilet paper roll and added about 4 inches to the length, and one in to the circumference. I cut 13 pieces of the wrapping paper of the same size and I began to make them!

Since I forgot to take in-progress shots, I'll just... Make a fake one... Without a toilet paper roll because I don't have an extras haha

Now what you need:
Wrapping paper, tissue paper, whatever you want to wrap your toilet paper roll with
Toilet paper rolls

Here is your toilet paper roll (But really it's scrap wrapping paper made into a cylinder with the back side facing up):

Now you take your piece of wrapping paper and wrap around, then tape it shut:

And now you take your ribbon and tie one side shut:
Don't forget to curl the ribbon!

Then you drop in the Hershey's Kisses, or whatever thing you choose to put in, and then seal the other side the exact same way!

Here is the REAL finished product!

And now you have HOLIDAY CRACKERS!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Craft Swap!/Christmas in November!

So, my friend and I currently live on opposite sides of the country and we decided to do a Christmas craft swap! This is just a heads up as I can't post anything yet since I haven't even sent it to HER yet, but once she tells me she got it, I'll certainly be posting them! I'll also be posting what she made for me as long as it's alright with her!

Also, on November 7th, a couple of my friends invited me to this Christmas craft thing that their church group was putting on. It's called Christmas in November. They had some really cute ideas, one I'm even modifying a bit and giving them to my friends and suitemates at college. If you'd like for me to scan the pages just let me know! I'll take pictures of the little gifts I'm giving my friends and suitemates as soon as I get them done!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just an FYI

I DO have a Facebook fan page, please check it out! CK's Crafting Through College <3