Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So, I realize that a scarf isn't the most inventive craft project, but unfortunately my circumstances limit my resources :( The good news, though, is that I've made scarves for almost everyone I've ever given a Christmas present to, just not for myself. I'm pretty excited that THIS is the scarf that I made for myself, I really like it!

I'm sorry but I can't tell you what kind of yarn I used. I received it from my great aunt probably 5 years ago. I used a number 9 crochet hook for the scarf. It's about 15 stitches wide, double stitch the whole time, except when I make the "button hole", which I chain 3.

I only have two in-progress shots because, well, it's a scarf.

I was switching back and forth between making the scarf and the flower... Well, I switched once since the flower was fairly easy. I used http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2006/11/how_to_crochet_a_five_petal_fl.html 
to make the flower. Here it is right after I crocheted it:

Sorry for the light, my camera is old :( It's just a solid black, I know the light makes the color look grey.

I have finished and detail shots for you, too :)

This is much closer to the colors of the scarf. It's just a blend of a blonde-ish color, brown, as well as some blue and maroon.

Here's a detail of the flower "button" after i already attached it:

And here's one of the "button hole":

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