Monday, October 26, 2009

Upcoming Projects

So, I attend college in a really small town. So small, in fact, that our town has a law only permitting a certain (small) percentage of the businesses to be chain stores. So, in order to get to any craft store, I have to get on a bus, transfer to another one, and walk. That is just to reach a Michael's, the only craft store I'm aware of that I can travel to while in school.

I absolutely hate going there on both the busses. While walking from Michael's to the bus stop, some kids threw a rock aimed at my head once. :( It missed, though, 'cause I'm so short :) Nevertheless, I hate going there. So, I ask my parents to send me things from our local Pearl Art Supply back home.

All I have with me at the moment, are some foam balls, embroidery thread, craft thread, needles (crochet and sewing), and yarn. The only thing I can really make is a scarf since I have a limited amount of yarn. That is my current project. I realize it's not spectacular, but all I can do at the moment.

I'm waiting for my parents to pick me up some felt and mail it up to me, so that I can use it along with my foam balls to make some Christmas ornaments as presents for family.

Sometime in November I'm also planning to make that dreaded trip and pick up some foam letters and scrapbook paper to make wall hangings. If I don't make the trip to Michael's, I will most definitely pick some up at the local Pearl Art Supply on my winter break trip home.

This was just an update, since I had nothing posted :) Enjoy the rest of your week!

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