Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Craft Swap!/Christmas in November!

So, my friend and I currently live on opposite sides of the country and we decided to do a Christmas craft swap! This is just a heads up as I can't post anything yet since I haven't even sent it to HER yet, but once she tells me she got it, I'll certainly be posting them! I'll also be posting what she made for me as long as it's alright with her!

Also, on November 7th, a couple of my friends invited me to this Christmas craft thing that their church group was putting on. It's called Christmas in November. They had some really cute ideas, one I'm even modifying a bit and giving them to my friends and suitemates at college. If you'd like for me to scan the pages just let me know! I'll take pictures of the little gifts I'm giving my friends and suitemates as soon as I get them done!

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