Friday, December 18, 2009


I was inspired to make this snowman from this post:
(look at the second picture)

Now:  Materials you will need-

Two foam balls
Blue tissue paper
Elmer's Glue
Orange landyard scrap string
Straight pins
White Felt
White Ribbon
Paint brush
Paper plate
Paper cup

1. Take the first foam ball and on one side cut (with your knife) off a very small portion of the circle, creating a flat edge. This will be used as a flat base to attach the second foam ball to.
2. Take the other side of the foam ball you already cut and cut off a larger portion of the ball to create another flat edge. This one will be the base with which the snowman will stand upon.
3. Now, take the second foam ball and repeat step one. JUST step one.
4. Now take the first foam ball you cut and put glue on the small cut. Attach the second foam ball. Now, you have this:

5. Once the glue dries, take a small paper cup and put in a bit of glue. Mix it with water. Make sure there is the same amount of glue as there is water. Make sure it's blended really well.
6. Take a piece of blue tissue paper and and start ripping off small pieces. Make a pile! :)
7. Take your paint brush and paint a small area of the top foam fall with the glue/water mix. Stick a piece of blue tissue paper on it and paint over that with the glue/water mix. Keep doing that. Now you have this:

8. Do that to the WHOLE structure

9. Now, once that is all dry, take your glue and put it on a little paper plate. Put lots of glitter on it. Mix it and make sure that there is A LOT of glitter in it.
10. Paint that glitter/glue mixture onto the bottom of the structure.

11. Once that is dry, cut a piece of white ribbon, long enough to wrap around the neck of the snowman and about an inch or so extra on each side. Pin it in place. (Picture to come)
12. Cut a strip of white felt, long enough to go from the middle of one end of the snowman head, over to the middle of the other send of the snow man head. (Picture to come). Pin each send in place
13. Cut two circles from the felt and glue over the pins. Let dry. (Picture to come)
14. Once dry, take your Sharpie and draw a face on it (Picture to come).
15. Take a pin and poke a small elongated hole between the eyes and the mouth, the same size as the short end of the lanyard scrap. Put the pin away.
16. Cut the lanyard scrap into almost a triangle. The long way.
17. Put glue over the whole you poked.
18. Stick the non-pointy side of the lanyard in the hole.


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